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Famous Flower of Manhattan Pendant
Famous Flower of Manhattan Pendant

Famous Flower of Manhattan Pendant

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Don't touch it, it loves you not⁣
Cause blue birds, Don't fly without their wings⁣
And when we put them in a cage⁣
The world can't hear them sing⁣
So selfish when greed sets in⁣
Possession, the king of sin⁣
- @TheAvettBrothers⁣

A couple years back I was listening to some random playlist on Spotify when the song “Famous Flower of Manhattan” came on. The gentle guitar from the start, to the lyrics that seemingly ripped my heart out and healed it at the same time. It felt like exactly what I needed to hear, a reminder that it was most important to stay true to me, follow the path I needed and not the one the world wanted. Golden things shine and shimmer, but just because they glisten doesn’t mean your heart is in it or that they’ll treat you with the same passion you put forth. ⁣

The “Famous Flower of Manhattan” pendant is a magnificent multi dimensional flower with 6 stones, the center being kyanite and the surrounding amazonite. It’s heavy and hearty, and lays on a custom cut 22 inch chain. ⁣